The simplest truth

Shivani Haritay

The simplest truth was just to accept the truth of me
The truth I loved about myself
The body I lived with, for once given by you
With a dead heart that learnt to love you
A mind that heard the truth now lived the lies for you
A love given then was a love I lost today.

The simplest truth was just to understand me
All you saw was your dreams shattered, what about my dreams ?
The words spoken gave a wound to your mind , what about the scars on my heart?
All you saw was your life reflection, what about my life ?
The words written was accepted by your heart, what about the words that spoke my mind?
A lesson given then was a lesson I learnt today.

It was me who fought against all odds in the midst of evens
The strength of truth was large minded in the weakness of lies with narrow minds
It was me who spoke for myself amongst those who spoke on someone else’s behalf
The courage of darkness was the brightest in the failure of light that was dim.
It was the world spoke about me when all I needed was a word from you.
The simplest truth was just to define what love was for you ?

The dark shades I saw were painted in the colors of light
The shade I chose was the lightest that disappeared in the darkest color you chose.
Why was I supposed to see that beauty you described in your paintings ?
Wasn’t I suppose to tell what beauty was in that paintings you painted?
It wasn’t the beauty I described as it was,
but the shades it held in the blend of light and dark.
The simplest truth was just to blend in the newness of life we all lived.

For once I would wish you to live my life
For once you would see a life that’s lost completely
All I could was wish to accept my existence
All I could was live a life with your acceptance
For once could you leave a prejudiced thought?
The simplest truth was how could you live a life that just wasn’t yours?

All I want was to look at my trust in you,
To believe in the faith you showed in love
To follow the teachings of being together in times of hardships,
To set an example by living the moral values
For once dear mum and dad could you be selfless for your selfish child
Who just wanted your love to gain his love…
For Your love won , what about my love ?
Be the different in the difference….
The truth is simple, lets make it the simplest…

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