The Shackled Soul


It was a fight on that same conflicting point,
The one we both knew we hinged on.
Either we could get past it, kiss and make up, 
Or it could lead to a deadlock and an untimely fall.
The worst kind of heartbreak is the one
Which leaves you helplessly crying,
Even though no one cheated, no one lied,
No one was abusive, but we're still dying.
I didn't know what to do anymore,
What was good for me and what was right,
I couldn't believe what one conflict could potentially take away,
My heart, my joy and the best thing in my life.
My castle only had a cascading boundary
Before I let him in,
He gave it a structure and an elegance,
And made it magnificent. 
It was never prefect, but it was ours.
We'd shaped it together over the years,
And had held it high and strong.
But now that he was walking out, 
And the chains I was trapped by had gathered rust,
Who could I lean on to as a final hope,
To hold the castle down and stop it from crumbling to dust?
The toughest kind of love is the one 
That you have to fight for every day 
Until you can change the face of the battle
Which always keeps the attackers at bay.
For years I fought that situation
Which never seemed to change,
Until one day when my hands could no longer support the sword,
And my castle was invaded.
So beautiful it was, 
Now it's in ruins,
They shattered all my dreams,
And all the surpassed limits.
They trapped me back to those chains
Which I'd fought so hard to free myself from,
I couldn't rebel and destroy them
For they were the reason I was alive at all.
So torn, so wounded, 
So stretched and ripped of trust.
My heart was now a million pieces 
Of lost hope and love.

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  • it’s a great poem, with a very deep thought. it kept me hooked on it! keep up the good work! best of luck!

    Archisha Vedha

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