The Scarf

Nitesh Parmar

I could see, yet 

It was unseen

How should I say?

What would she mean?


As far as I remember

It had never happened

That the world slows down

But my heart fasten


I was the solitary watcher

In my garden picking daisy

When the fragrance crossed me

Brightening the street earlier hazy

All the beauty at par

She herself as beauty stood alone

Couldn’t get my eyes off her

Even a naughty kid tried a stone


All of a sudden I lost myself

My senses went hay why

When she stooped her bicycle

And the lips said “Hi”.


Could this be the beginning?

Like a tasty strawberry tart?

My lips were sealed, I couldn’t move

Let alone make a good start


“Can I have some daisies”, she said

“If you don’t mind?”

Hey guys give me some wheat

My heart is ready to grind.


“How many you want

O, beauty of sunshine”?

“Give me as much as 

The heart can hold of mine.”


“Then I am afraid it won’t be full

Since you have a big heart

can I also accompany

along with mine in this cart”?


She just smiled and 

Took the heart full of daisies

But this wasn’t the end

Be patient gentlemen and ladies.

On her way back home

Her bicycle stopped midway

She turns towards me 

Maybe there was something to convey.


“My scarf has fallen” she said

Bending down,

I couldn’t help but notice

Velvet of shyness 

Not the silk gown.


As last the visage disappeared

A beautiful moment for no reason

I couldn’t say but just wish

Daisies grow everyday every season


The recollection of that time

Would just force me 

To pat my head low and laugh

Since not only the bicycle 

Not only the daisies

But she took away 

my heart along with the scarf.


  • Badia bhai

  • Nice yr…ur poems are alwz nice

  • Good work dear

    Shagun Bansal
  • Good one 👍

  • Thank you, everyone!!!!

  • Keep up the good work dude!!

    Santa singh
  • Ur heart slips for a moment and that moment is cherished forever!! Beautifully expressed!

  • Awesome..“my scarf has fallen”..beautiful..
    Keep up the good work..


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