The Revolution

By Tanya D. Saxena

The mundane life with no changes whatsoever,

Seems easy right? 
Well guess what ? 
It was ephemeral.. just waiting to blow off at the most painful moment..
The night was dark and had in bosom the darkest secrets of my life,
To be flowed over me
Tears wrapped my world 
The news that left me dead,
What if I was breathing 
the heart was beating 
the life had been taken away,
My king was taken away by almighty, may be he needed him more than his own princess,
The nights that came later, with the cries of "Papa" were the most agonizing,
But soon change had come in my life holding hands with the greatest tragedy of my life,
Ready to make me stronger of the most,
Stronger smiles instead of tears
Hope instead of doubts
I had finally swam my way to the shore though the way to home was still away, 
But baby steps comes with its own teachings 
the revolution paved its way through my chest
The daddy's little girl vanished somewhere, and daddy's strong girl had taken the stage to carry the day,
The pain was still there locked in chests by me lost in my heart
I'd be lying if I say I never cried again but the tears were no longer seen,
The silent cries,
My pillow knows the secrets, 
my mother won't ever find
Cause if she does she'll scatter as if already broken, 
The change my life offered me, wasn't gift-wrapped with candies or smiles 
Rather with thorns, pain and some power 
An empress building her own kingdom 
To be looked upon with pride from the skies.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'An Experience That Changed My Life'

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