The Recipe of "Happy New year"

By  Abismita Barthakur
I'll add one table spoon bravery,
to face every brow they raise,
I'll not hide away , I shall not run.
not hesitate when they ask why,
not cower , 'cuz their gaze burns
I'll embrace the burns , and tell them why.
I will be brave this new year.
let's add a few drops of health,
not 'cuz the bullies says so,
but 'cuz I want to be healthy,
I want to be there to watch my dreams glow.
'Cuz I want to be there,and watch my grandchild grow,
to kiss and tell them tales l know.
I will be healthier this new year.
Next I'll add one spoon kindness
to them who always cared,
and to them who never did care.
I'll not pretend to listen,
I'll try to actually listen.
I will care more this new year.
Let's add some free will next ,
enough to laugh out loud,
enough to crawl , to cry.
Free enough to like the not so cool,
and free enough to show love,
to not gossip , to not lie.
I will be free this new year.
The caged bird shall escape,
and I shall fly this year.....


  • This is such a beautiful piece of work!💕

  • This is too good 😍

    Kshiti Jhala
  • Wow ..

    Priyanka Shakdwipee
  • “the cage bird shall escape, and i shall fly this year” i can feel these lines, i need this for myself aswell, such an inspiring piece!

  • Wonderful recipe.

    Shwetha Maiya
  • Wow💓💓💓

  • Can feel the positivity through each word! Wonderful 😍

    Paree Punnj

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