The painful red !

Shruti Gupta

I still remember !
The couch where you and I became we that night .
Your hands clasped in mine and the way you cuddled me extremely tight ;
I can still feel fragrance of your breathe in my arms ..
Touch of your kiss is still my charm,
That sweet love bite you gave on my neck and how
passionately you devour my lips with that peck !
But darling you just rocked and rolled on bed not on the thoughts I adore ,
"Its hard to bid goodbyes" destiny spoke so bold !
Hope I could jump back in time when I used to see your eyes glittering for me,
lovey dovey! those school days when you used to mesmerize me from heart to soul;
Its hard to forget that you even didn't left my single hand mole..
Sometimes those nights really haunt when your lips were on forehead,
and blood stains on bedsheets where my virginity was shed!
its extremely painful and high ..
With tears agony hidden inside ,
its more than death and full of wry
Yes its a lover's sigh!
I wonder if I could turn our love story  in cannibalistic one ,
I would have cut you in pieces and every piece would have drenched in me
so that our love could became an eternal one 
and we would be together ever and forever!


  • Thank you so much Shruti for writing this. This poem is meant to be written by you. So real, so pleasing, that it could sway anyone to those surreal moments of past.

  • Really heart touching…. Well written…… Superb dear… Keep it up..

  • It’s nice one. Keep it up.

    Prasanna Kumar Pandit
  • Wow this is great poem nd this poem touched my heart this poem showing the truth of love.Nice one Shruti keep it up
    Best of luck

  • Heart touching liness…. immense love in lines keep writing

    Sakshi gupta
  • Amazing theme.just awesome…great work.. keep it up..good luck

  • keep it up girl….god bless you ❤

  • Oooh really deep think …nice

    Shubham rasal
  • Wow shruti heart touching lines,…
    Keep it up……

    Mohammad Amir
  • fantastic 😘

  • this poem words touch my 💓 u put this much feelings and emotions in ur poems , it was awesome .. congratulation dear for ur success..

    sushmita singh

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