The Ornate Vista

By Rudyard Jostle
Spurning the quotidian days
I moved for a journey of unknown with vitality.
myself an itellectual oke, my mom says
and that's what makes me a spur swarthy.
I was at a  salubrious.
Among all the materials viod of virtuoso,
I was a tedium vermint.
Even tough the common mog did never hurt my instinct.
I felt, I made an accurate decision which was never to bring sorrow.
I was at a salubrious.
From a location to a location you travel
and build certain clips of memories so impalpable.
The beauty did salami slices as if its stropped
but few things are better to slow as they are dropped.
I was at a salubrious.
Memories build back memories amidst the glory
as the certain emotions term down the glenn oft imaginary.
Have a vis-à-vis the sphere of adventure
few days in touch with everything to cherish and remember.
I was at a salubrious.
The swash has been better when displayed 
the tales do equally amuse when are portrayed.
It's not 'me'  as we chant 'us' here
these mends the vivacious of me as I depart from there .
I was at a salubrious.
When ye as to me
quotes me that a little travel must must have thee.
As you travel across the globe so fascinating 
you indeed learn and build days rather every thing really very amazing .
I was at a salubrious.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Travelling' 


  • Beautifully written 👏🏻

    Anshika Lall
  • Beautifully written 👏🏻

    Anshika Lall
  • I really felt it. So amazing 😍😍❣️💕

    Arisha Siddiqui

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