The night of contemplation

Manasa Bsv

Every night, as you sleep, you live a million thoughts,
Would there have been such a war, if Ferdinand had just stayed,
Would life be astounding, had eve not disobeyed.
If Sita had chosen otherwise, would there be such a tale to tell,
Was it fate that made them choose such,or were they under a spell?

Wealthy is the one, who has the power to choose,
who can make a difference,in this world so vast and huge.
Had Galelio succumbed to the ways of Catholic Church,
Would people realise the motion of heavenly bodies,motion of heavenly Earth?

Now, as the blanket caresses your face, your mind has a choice to make,
To what you want your tomorrow to be.
To what you want your today to be known for.
But the mind cannot fathom.
The repercussions are unknown.

For a child who has to decide a crayon,
Will he choose the vibrance of the rainbow,
Or the color of the narrow lanes he has to dwell into.
For a mother who has a career to uphold
Will she decide to give it all,
Or to lose it all.
For a soul who has just lost the essence to live ,
Would he cut off the strings that have no meaning left,
Or replenish, for some new music to emanate.

For every decision made, there is a story of perception.
A pint of courage ,and you're out of oblivion.
The power of a choice is itself a legend,
As you breathe,walk, shine, run, your soul wanders, your mind bends
As you go on, they may reward you,or sign off as a regret,
But even if sorrow comes along, your tears, the pillow will caress.
So with wisdom take your leads, and live your life at the frontier,
Close your eyes with a sigh of relief, and have a peaceful sleep dear!

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  • Humari Chori Choro se kam hai ke🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Chinmay Jadkar

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