The Mysterious Red Stain

Geanice Gee

The last day that I saw her, she had a red stain

The red stain was on the side of her tan pants

The red stain appeared to be blood


She went into my uncle’s bathroom

To see where the red stain came from

She thought maybe one of the kids had spilled juice


She was an older woman who had a hysterectomy

She was an older woman who no longer had a menstrual cycle

She tried to wipe the stain out of her pants while in the bathroom


The stain was odorless, but it was nearly impossible to get out by hand

She put the pants in the washing machine to rid them of the stain

She came out of the bathroom with more questions than answers


Where did the red stain come from?

Did it come from something in the car? No!

How do you know? We checked.

How did the stain get on her pants?


There was no wound

Just a red stain


After a while, we paid the red stain no mind

And continued to enjoy our Friday

On a hot summer day in 2002


That night, in early July, my grandmother passed away  

To this day, my mother and I remember that particular day

But what we remember the most is that mysterious red stain

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