The Moon Girl

Harshitha GR

It’s a pretty sight,
The night sky, with all the stars
Which constantly shine on, no matter what
And there comes the moon
Complete during some days, incomplete during the rest
Just not knowing how to stay the same...

One day it shines brighter,
With so much poise and confidence,
That the rest of the universe wonders
From where exactly does it get all this power
While the other day it remains dull
Staying aloof, sometimes even hiding away itself from the rest
From time to time, it creates much chaos too
Well why not, with all the pull it has towards the earth
Showing it’s anger, with the occasional rise and fall of the waves on earth
And sometimes, it is that beautiful entity
That brings about so much calm to an individual
With its mere presence

It looks around, at all the stars nearby
And wonders why it can’t remain steady like them all
Why does it have to be the one who has to change every single day
While the rest just go on shining bright
Without a worry in the world

If that’s the moon stuck up in the sky among the million stars
Here is a girl, just like the moon,
Stuck with millions around her...
Standing by and looking around at the rest
Wondering why she is the way she is,
Carrying a different energy everyday,
Each day different from the previous one
But one thing she does lack unlike the moon...

The moon has the sun...
Who is there for it, no matter what
Being the constant source of light and warmth
Without which it would have never been seen at all
Always reminding the moon
That it is there for it,
And will never leave its side, come what may
But here is the moon girl, stuck on earth
With eyes full of hope, and heart full of love
Waiting to shower it all, once she finds her sun
But will she ever find hers?
Or will it just remain a dream once dreamt...
As she just waits by next to the clock
Painfully going tick tock... tick tock...

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  • Beautiful ❤️💕


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