The Lost Guitar

By Saumoneel Mandal


 Of all the childhood traumas that I can remember

The guitar hurts me the most

At the age of six , it had become my family member

Only to be lost by the age of twelve and haunt me like a ghost


It was fine for long

Until they thought music is where I don't belong

One day I had outgrown the guitar it seemed

Like my childhood toys and clothes it's importance had weaned


Somewhere my guardians thought

The music was distracting me a lot

And to get rid of the guitar unceremoniously

Would help my grades greatly


That rainy afternoon when I returned from school

Broken and lying outside in the mud and dirt, I found my jewel

The strings had come out

I stood there numb , unable to even shout

My favourite jewel had been broken

All that was left was a beautiful token


I collected the remains with unknown longings

Like a dead person had willed me over these broken belongings

I stood there long getting drenched in the rain

Waiting , believing the broken pieces would join together lessening my pain


Until the sun went down and  the moths and the moon set up their date

Lamp lights lit up the town while I accepted my fate

The clouds cleared off the skies

While tears blurred my eyes


And till today I am afraid to play any songs

Music has pushed me far away, to it I no longer belong

Thus I cry out my heart's lyrics

In the form of poems, subjecting the pen and paper to my hysterics

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Trauma' 


  • Profound.

  • Lovely :)

    M S Mahawar
  • Thanks everyone for your comments…means a lot

  • Being pushed to give up on your passion is the worst kind of crime.

  • You’ve nailed it so well

  • Amazing poem💙

  • Sourav Nandi
  • Wonderfully described..

  • Truly touched my heart. Amazing writing Saumoneel 😍

  • A yet another jewel brother! Congratulations!! So proud of you ♥️

  • Heartbreaking yet wonderful. Amazing job, Saumoneel 🔆


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