The Lost Dream

Shilpa Kamat

Around the holy fire as we moved, life took on a lovely hue

Togetherness, trust and love galore

But suddenly it disappeared… I could see it no more.

You were the epitome of love to me ; my past, my present, my future , my dream

Where did that scatter and spill? My heart, my body, my soul all scream

Hurt and scared as I tread on

Ambiguity rules my heart, fears make a sound

The world has stalled, my life’s forlorn

What have I gained, what lost, with what do I remain bound?

You betrayed my love, my trust, shook the earth on which I stood

Clipped my wings the hardest; every way you could

I am scared to stand, am scared to fly

Could there be another reason but for my soul to die?

The water that’s spilled, the glass that’s shattered

My heart’s that’s broken, Oh… does that matter !!!

I pick the pieces- a jigsaw it appears to be

How oh how do I fix it ; nothing near nor far I see

I remember our love;  our song

It helped my dreams, helped  me tread along

With you by my side , I was never alone

Today- my life , my dreams, stand forlorn

I need to stand, I want to breathe

But somewhere down from under my feet

The world slips by… my dreams die

Distraught I stand, o take me near

Alone I am, please come here

Salvage my existence , salvage my soul,

I need a dream and I want  it whole !

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