The Last Piece of My Puzzle!!

Divya Venkat

In the Sun-Scorched desert,
As you struggled to carve your small footprints,
A breezy blow drove me towards something so new,
The inner soul reached my eyes to catch a glimpse of you!!
Caged and Clutched by the Devils of the Castle,
Your scream to salvation amidst the Chaotic hustle,
Managed to match the rhythm of my heart,
And You, My Love, struck the Bulls eye of my dart!!
Mending a broken heart My Prince,was not an easy task,
Covered up all my scars behind a muted mask,
All that kept me going, was your smile,
The ray of hope to take an extra mile!!
Free from the man-made maze,thought "We have made it this far",
Little did i know, that you had a new quest from afar,
Pieces of my shattered heart, strove hard to let go of the tussle,
But Can it ever be complete,without the last piece of its puzzle??!!Β 


  • I love the flow of your rhymes, the words melted my heart, I wish I knew you better.. Keep writing.. Love your work

  • Semma ya iruku

    Swathi Sarang
  • Loved-dd it <3 Great Work !!!

    Carol Adalene
  • Every bit of that I can feel . Love u sweetheart . Awesome ❀️😍

  • I can totally imagine being there

    Varshini Subramanian
  • Amazing. Take a bow. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

    Bestest bro
  • Awesome

  • Awsome😍❀️

  • Lovely!

  • Awesome! <3

  • <3 Keep going

    Sowmiya Sree
  • Great way to go

    Shrivatsav sundar

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