The Journey Back Home

I walk through these narrow streets
Streets coloured pink
And streets coloured red
And I remember this is not how I was bred
I walk through these long streets
Knocking on houses
Trying to find solace
In these houses made of everything flawless
And then I go through streets
Streets where light is unknown
But shine ample
Where houses are made of mud and stones that crimple
They crimple like the hopes of these people
These people who hope to someday live in a house as flawless as their luck
Under the light brighter than their shine
I roam and roam these streets
These streets full of
Love and remorse
And yet when I roam these streets 
I always see smiles
These streets teach me more,
More about life
More to be happy
More about glee 
and more to be free.
These streets are my home
Those that whenever I roam, I'm taken back 
Back to my own street
Filled with noise and shor
Closer to my house, my core
The twinkling street lights, and the effervescent kids.
As I go through where others are from
I'm taken back, back to where I belong.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Travelling' 

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  • Woww!! Excellent.

    Sushritha Danturi

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