The Horrendous Night

Pradhnya Bhakre

I creep through the thorns
With scars on my knees,
Stumbling through the rocks
Cold sipping to my skin
Chocking me to death
The world is so mean....

Squeaking and laughing,
My demons crawl through the thin
Long dirty nails, cutting through my skin...
I try to shout and cry out loud
The voice in my head says,
Shhhh!! Nobody is listening...

I open my eyes
Sweat dropping to my chin,
The Horrendous night
Makes me so grim....

There he comes, thundering like a bolt
Swirling like a wind and smelling like a rose
All warmth and sunshine's heavy dose
Clenching his shirt, I cry and weep
Washing my wounds, old and deep

The dawn now creeps through my window,
Leaving the dark behind
His half smile gives me hope
I spread my wings
Standing on the edge,
I thus begin my flight!

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