the haven we deserve

Divyashi Motwani

I dream of us,
In a faraway land,
Of fantasies and the Prince.

You hold my hand,
And walk through the field,
Of blue flowers,
And butterflies.

I spot that smile,
On your face,
The one you stole my heart with;
And those eyes,
Taking glances,
While I think,
'How did I get so lucky'.

You say,
You are too happy,
Like the chirping birds,
But I know,
You are not.

We sit by the stream,
Flowing South,
Watching the sun set,
While I reminisce,
The last night,
For I heard you cry,
Under the moonlit sky,
I saw you drown,
In your mind of the past,
And how you were gasping,
For breath.

I stood there, numb.

Now, you bring me back,
To sunsets and stream,
And smile the same smile,
I melt, again.

So I hold your hand,
Caress the back of your hand,
Interlock our fingers
'Why is it always the Prince,
Saving his Princess'.

You make me look at you,
In the eye,
And I knew,
I had to protect you,
Through thick and thin,
And not let you drown,
In the faraway land,
Of fantasies and my Prince.

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