The fair share of mysteries

Anisha Sharma

Human Beings, as WE believe is the supreme creation of the almighty and with this belief comes a fragile sense of egotism in our species. We have least acceptance for the things or situations that we think can sabotage our acknowledgment phantom and hence instead of calling it our incompetency of comprehension, we like to call them MYSTERIES. Leonardo da Vinci was very much successful in creating a classic mysterious creation that is known by the name "MONA LISA" and hence he is remembered hitherto. Mysteries are fascinating to us since the realities on these accounts are concealed and the very basic instinct of us provokes us to take it as a challenge and then we start acting like a protagonist of the frame assuming the source of the mystery as an antagonist. Some people who knows well enough how the system of human race works and how to sabotage it as well, converts their vicious and unlawful actions into mysteries with acute perfection since mysteries are assumed to be the cases with dead ends. They are smart enough to create possibilities and circumstances that swiftly drifts the reality from revelation. Entertainment industry is taking its own perks from this intriguing genre but it is well known at the same time that each fiction work takes its inspiration from reality in one way or another. Universe has its own regalia of invincible occurrences which we are afraid to call realities only because they do not justify our doctrines. But oh! they are all as real as iron bars. A mystery travels a long and tedious path and gets the obvious company of extreme conditions to be called a “reality”. Well in that case the efforts shall be appreciated since every mystery is not destined to be a reality. But aren’t some realities better untouched then revealed for good? For such untouched realities possess a unique beauty. Sometimes even the most genuine things are called mysteries by us, since we just simply don’t get them, For instance “women”. As Oscar Wilde says “women are made to be loved, not understood”. It must be fascinating that a woman is the full circle, within her is the power to create, nurture and transforms. It seems like from the most trivial thing to a matter of utter importance, women play an unavoidable part. May be this reason grants qualification for women to be called a mystery. The name of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra must be mentioned here to justify the above said, since folks could not believe at that time (and hitherto as well) that a woman with mesmerising beauty can have an astonishingly tactful mind and can even rule and thrive over a throne. Well, there exists some mysteries that might make one rethink the liberal mindset that one claims to have, might the liberty to mention the shoulder pads in women suits be taken? Well now it can be postulated that some of the mysteries exists only because of our mind barriers and lack of acceptance as well. There exist uncountable and exquisite phenomenon in this universe but we are so busy in fascinating the untouched realities of material world that unfortunately, the real mysteries that actually deserves to be fascinated about are unattended yet. Here’s the thing, we come across a mystery, then we launch some expeditions which leads to explorations and eventually we start the process of exploitation. And we never fail to carry the legacy of this alliteration i.e. expedition, exploration and exploitation. So far, we have succeeded in unveiling numerous facts about the most intriguing sections of nature which were intended to be mysteries. But god cannot remember creating a more powerful thing then human desperation and desire. And hence the height of the almighty mountains and the depth of the magnificent oceans is no longer concealed. Despite of all the hardships our despair and inquisitiveness took us from the peak of Mount Everest to the bed of the Pacific Ocean. Mysteries share an equal right over this universe as much as realities do. Without mysteries the words written in “James Bond” stories will lose their gravity. There will be no subject in this world that’ll be able to bring us fascination and there will remain a void since the role of mysteries is irreplaceable. Can we imagine a world without mysteries? even if we can, will that world be perfect? Well that’s a MYSTERY!

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