The Elapsed Echoes Of The Silent Doom

By Chandana Ravichand
Amidst the naked barren land and an area of mossy lush green,
The earth streaked with a babbling stream.
Among the woods came that squealing scream,
Guesstimated as the fall of a mighty tree's dream.
Animals mad over the sound of the shattering bark,
Were soon engulfed by the dark,
Leaving no spark.
Demonish was to see the act of the mortals,
Awakening the rage of the immortals.
The Mother waited for her herd to halt,
But soon understood that they never knew their fault.
And then I envisioned the state of my Mother,
On whose face I saw no tears, but a rage of fire-
A fire which burnt my head and steamed my blood,
Making me realize my faults in a flood.
Wakening from my intellectual sleep,
The vision of my mission became more steep-
To heal the wounds I had created
And to seal the bonds with those I haven't treated.
Oh, Mother!
Give us one more chance to mend the faults we made,
And to make sure that they will fade,
To see the earth regain its jade,
Clouded with a variety of shade.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Mother Gaia' 


  • It is the prevailing truth. Bravo for putting words to the reality we face

  • Profound 🌝🌝


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