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The Dreamy Ride!

Sukanya Santhosh Kumar

A day with his warmth all around. It was almost a surprise to her to realize that her school love would reach this far. The wind kissed her, and she started enjoying every atom of that moment. It was fascinating to believe that, the little yet to grow moustache teenager has turned more handsome and masculine. Each speed breakers made their distance less. She could still feel that butterfly in her stomach whenever he touches her. Each time he spoke something he acted as if she didn't hear anything just to move closer and closer to his shoulder. The manly charm made her envy him more.
Her phone buzzed showing ten past ten. A cup of milk on her right, sparkling fairy lights around, another page of the diary was filled with her dreams. A dream that is never going to be real. She prays for his soul, gulped the milk with a heavy heart, turned off the lights and shrugged herself under the blanket. From the day when she saw his body wrapped in a white shining cloth, the childhood love story took shapes only in pieces of paper and today she named it ” Our First Ride!”.

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