The Dreamer

By Davis Jose

You are destined for greatness they used to say
Now they are silent and speak nothing
Do they know that I've sold my better self?
Surrendered to the numbness of this corporate screen,
From nine to five and more, five days a week
Yet sometimes, I've caught myself dreaming
To be what I should be, dreaming of change, 
In an empty home I watch the telly
Flipping the channels over and over
The sound of which is in perfect sync 
With the dripping of the leaky sink
It reminds me of medical equipment
Measuring my pulse, Oh I'm still alive.
And I dream of a family that I never had
When night falls, I look to the stars,
For we both share the same sky
In this polluted city, of smoke and fire.
Where dreams are nothing more than loose change
Always in the process of being lost and found
I dare to dream of you, of us...
Amidst the eternal chaos that is order in my head
I hold fast to this candle of hope
My daily dose of optimism, if you will
A ray of light to see where I',m being led
And so I dare to dream of better days...

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