The Distress Call

By Ankurjyoti Deka 

I am Someone who has lost his voice, 
Struggling in middle of all sorts of noise. 
Beneath me resides a soul who is in pain, 
But who that knows , he Cries in vain. 
All I am trying is to somehow survive, 
Cause I won't give up, for I have to thrive. 
Dream is luxury, when locked in chains,
For life is not all about loss and gains. 
I went for that smile , that gave me peace,
Kind of a guy who needs a hug and not a kiss. 
I am Someone who is lost , waiting to be finally found,
Whose eyes are in skies but feet on the ground. 
Still , I hope for the day, when I sleep at night, 
Even though I know what awaits me the next morning 
Is just another Fight. 


  • Even though I know what awaits me the next morning
    Is just another Fight, to live is an yearning
    Incase you like it, keep it. Brilliant work.

    Rahul Sivarajan
  • I feel you on your last two lines. Nice rhyme work!


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