The Difficult Dream


It is a dream that I often want to see,

My country is a place where I am free to be,

No societal ordinances dragging us down,

Where the victims aren’t scared and fleeing town,

The law isn’t bringing only the rich to justice,

People aren’t using religion to impose any evil practice,

The country is liberated with no objections and sorrow,

I dare to dream of a better and glorious tomorrow.


It is a dream that I less often see,

My country is accepting changes and letting all be,

No one is shamed for their true self and orientation,

Creative ideas and minds are receiving only motivation,

Nobody is stopped from roaming the streets at night,

Decent arguments and discussions don’t end up in a brutal fight,

The country is free of dirty politics and self proclaimed bribery rights,

I dare to dream of a beautiful and utopian sight.


It is a dream that I seldom see,

My country is at least trying to set everyone free,

People aren’t harassed on raising their voices,

Homosexuality and effeminacy aren’t called diseases,

Violence is banned instead of beef and adult sites,

People in love aren’t killed in the name of culture and pride,

Legit moves aren’t interrupted under a heinous act and crime,

I dare to dream of a country that resolves prime issues in time.


It is a dream I see every night and every day,

My voice is heard in this country and I can use my right to say,

The right step towards injustice is carried out against all odds,

Not a single soul is abetting the criminals and frauds,

It is possible to make this dream come true in reality,

If the crowd isn’t divided but united by humanity,

The country can be the ideal place it dreams to be,

I dare to dream of the future that I want to see.


  • Beautifully composed poem with a strong message!

    Priyanka Sarma
  • Very well crafted !!!
    Keep ✍️ writing and keep inspiring ?

    Anshul gupta
  • Thank you all for such kind words! :)

  • Wow it’s awesome ?
    You are amazing DD.

  • Well said T! It really inspired me to see an young mind like your’s thinking in this line – yes, it is the dream for me too! We need to see more and more young minds are dreaming like the way you laid it out. I am sure if the voices are together, it will be heard. Keep it up! Shall wait for your next one!

    Snigdha Chakraborty
  • Chu gayi dil ko! Gajab likhte ho yaar aap!

  • Thank you :)

  • Great
    Would love to be in a country like that
    Truth laid out perfectly


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