The Dark Side

Nidhi Sarmalkar 

I see you, painted in the dark callous of my dreams. Your nerves were famished in black gore, running down from your head to your toe nails. Long limbs and artistic fingers with powerful arms drowned in shadows of the darkness that you seek. You wear a crown of the deepest jade, sieged by onyx over the falling edges of the metal.
I see you, eyes the colour of coffee, ringed with gold. Your hair, the darkest of stygian flowing from the temple to the gauze of your eyes. Freckles spread on your face and dark lashes resting on the hollow of your cheek. Your lip, full of flesh and dripping ichor like honey from a comb. The wicked snarl that sets in the full mouth of yours, awakening the dead.
I see you, a whole you. Drenched in the dark silhouette, as if of a fallen king or a broken monster. You look like a nightmare but have a deep scarlett in the heart of yours. Are you a shadow or molten gold? The steal look of the coffee eyes speak languages that devour me in the rhythm of your haunting self.
Are you what I see? If you are then you are far away from my paradise. I am breathing the deep scent of what you diminish yet you are what is pleasing to the eyes. The blood you bleed is thicker than the red that flows in me. If you are what you seem to be, a wraith in disguise, I will sink into the darkness to feel whole as you do. Fall in the pit of the dark side and away from the paradise, till I reap the shadow of you.

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