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The Confession

It was day or night, nothing really could I remember. 
It was hurting, but still I forced myself to open my eyes. 
Lying lifeless over a pool of blood, 
All I could sense was misery and all lies. 
Suddenly contemplating the situation, I sat up.
There was a familiar face, yet so unfamiliar, peirceing my already fragile body.
His looks and smirks reminded me of those ' bad peoples' and 'bad touches'.
Yes I could sense the Hunger of lust his eyes were starving. 
I could feel my naked body, unleashes the heat of anger.
I was burning with rage and shame, over a familiar stranger. 
Locking me behind the dark door, he fled with utter pride and at the price of my shoulders. 
I shrieked and cried and howled, like a lost deer, prey to many predators. 
All that I was told was " don't let any one know what had happened, he was your uncle."
Giving rise to that unknown me.
The stone cold me, believer in remorse and submerged in the fit of revenge. 
Thus, changing my whole life! 
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'An Experience That Changed My Life'

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  • It’s need so much courage to share such experience thanks for sharing with uss..😌🌸


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