By Ananya.M

 If madness has a colour, and it certainly can

 It would be gold and silvery in incandescent hues

 The mayhem of Friday traffic & crossing roads

 A delicate thread of silence weaves around the chaos;

 Just close your eyes and listen.


 If madness had a colour, I slowly see it now

 Bright green in the breeze draped grass meadows

 Each blade swaying in choreographed movements

 When in reality they all dance to different melodies;

 Observe and you'll know.



If madness had a colour, I'm so close to feeling

it Orange, yellow and pink in festive shades

 It's a celebration, a bond formed between people not limited to two

 An epoch of new discoveries and shared experiences;

 Let loose and feel the warmth.



If madness had a colour, I know what it is

The colour of complexity that is the web of human life

The colour of simplicity like hugging a loved one after you've had a

long day.


There's comfort in every spectacle of

chaos That is, if you know where to find it.

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