The bliss of falling in love

Abhidnya Bhave 

I used to watch him from a distance,  
Peeking from my classroom window and gazing at him in silence. 
Everytime I glanced at him my heart skip a beat
and when he noticed, my mind told me to retreat. 
I decided to keep these feelings in my heart forever, 
But once he was right in front of me, they started to spill over.  
I thought that I wouldn't have the will to try such a thing,  
But who knew what my overflowing thoughts would bring. 
My thoughts gushed out in the form of words. 
My heart beat was so fast that my vision was a little blurred. 
After that, when I saw the smile on his face,  
Little by little my heart began to race. 
When he smirked and said "Yes." 
I was so happy that my heart was such a mess!  
Now I get it that this 'love' thing, 
Feels nothing more than a beautiful blessing.  

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