The beckoning call of death

Tilesha Patil

For the world i fake a smile
Pretend to be a perfection
But there are times
When saddened by my grief
Surrounded by the deadly shadows
Scared by the silence around me
A numbness takes over me
Which never ceases to end
I inflict injuries upon me
These are my attempts
to regain my senses
Only to realise that
Pain no longer hurts me
Intrigued by the mystery
That surrounds the death
Death beckons me to surrender
To give up all the earthly desires
To end all the struggles to survive
And then as i fall deeper into hell
His voice breaks the silence
And reminds me of his love
That makes me feel the pain
Of all the cuts over my wrist
I let the tears shed from my eyes
To get over the depressed feeling
That ensared me in the coffin.

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