The Beating Heart

Tanvi Nagar

When it’s  morning, when the sky is the same pale blue,
My heart still beats, beats for you, 
My eyes see just enough to make you out, among all those shades of destiny,
For I know your heart lies close to me, 
My lips crave to touch yours, soft and delicate,
My heart still beats for moments of togetherness, O’ soul mate.
When it’s afternoon, in the the hot sunshine,
My hands wish to feel your skin run against mine, 
I wish for love, I wish you were here, 
I wish we could go on one last walk together, 
I wish we could spare just one more life time, for each other, 
Be close, through life, both the sunny and rainy weather.
When it’s evening and the stars have just started to twinkle,
When the sunshine has just started to dwindle,
The sun’s rays spread across the horizon,
The treasured memories would be your only everlasting symbol,
The colours of fading red and yellow, stretched across the sky,
I still grieve that destiny didn’t let us bid a final goodbye.
When it’s night time, the last of my kohl gets smudged, 
My heart beats, beats to show it’s love,
My eyes are wet with remembrance, I know you are watching the show, 
My true love for you, soul mate, is all what I know,
If we don’t reunite, never consider my love untrue, 
Remember that my melting heart is beating, beating for you.



  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Thank you, Phuphaji

    Tanvi Nagar
  • Very very touching. Tanvi your poems are getting very mature. Keep it up.

    B. Bhargava
  • Thank you, Anjali Aunty.

    Tanvi Nagar
  • Thank you Annie Ma’am.

    Tanvi Nagar
  • Thank you for the beautiful words, Ramnik Aunty.

    Tanvi Nagar
  • Thank you so much, Monica Aunty. I’ll look forward to meeting you again.

    Tanvi Nagar
  • Thank you for your encouraging words, Ashish uncle.

    Tanvi Nagar
  • Beautifully written. Marvelous. Keep it up Tanvi. God bless you.

    Ashish Gautam
  • Tanvi Tanvi Tanvi, my super upcoming writer! The emotions of the narrator are so beautifully woven into peotry form by you. Love you dear. Next time give me your autograph ?

    Monica Gautam
  • Awesomeness in every line n word, thoughts flow like a river in a wood,
    shade n shine, light n dark weave a magic in the heart.

  • Touching poem Tanvi…. I was enthralled by it.

  • Tanvi you look so mature and seasoned while penning down your thoughts,loved it simply,proud of you

    Anjali kesarwani
  • Beautifully penned down capturing the feelings at different times. Well done!!

  • Very touching Poem Tanvi…great job…


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