The Art Of Giving Up

Why is giving up considered 
as an act of cowardice?
It takes a great courage,
to give up on something.
You finally put an end 
to all the hopes you had.
You conclude a chapter,
in which you invested 
your time and efforts.
It's a tough choice to
choose your brain's decision 
over your heart's will.
It takes all your strength 
to rise from the smoke
of the fire you lighted.
But as you walk out,
You feel like a phoenix 
Reborn from ashes
and that's when you know,
That you are destined 
With better possibilities.


  • this is the right drug for the people suffering from things they think they couldn’t give up , love this fine, beautiful piece

    Priyanka Ngangkham
  • This one! ❣️

    Habiba Zaidi
  • Beautiful 👌

  • ✌️👏

    Stuti Agnihotri

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