Territory For The Night

Rishika Mishra

am an artist deep down my heart
But all you need is the muse!
Freya always had this thing.
"Tonight my words will speak of Richard."
(The guy with the dark brown eyes she met at bar)
"When I make an art,
With every little detail that I remember about that drunk night,
Filled with the fragrance of classic mild and the pegs of scotch until I lost the count and started to find them on his lips.
The way my hands traced his body
The perfect jawline, and the messy hair
The aroma and the feel of his touch
His deep breath on my skin and all those 
play his tongue excelled at!
Pothos is also going to be so envy.
She thought!"
That created the fire they both burnt till the dawn.
When he was rolling the joint
She was thinking the places she wants to go with him!
The voice and that smile
Oh! The gasoline Raised the flames so high.
The night people wondered and the moon smiled 
For she rejoiced the moments so loud,
(Freya liked everything loud and bright)
"Until next time,
Adios, before the sun comes up!"
They kissed and he left with the marks on his body.
The ones lioness did to mark her
territory for the night!


  • Dear Shashank
    Thank you for always motivating me.
    Means a lot :)

  • What a great way to convey feelings, amazing use of words, waiting for you to write more and amaze us.

    Shashank jha
  • Dear Sudha
    You made my day with such beautiful words :)

  • Thanks a lot Keshav. Comments that keeps you going :)

  • A poem that leaves you wanting for more.

  • “The ones lioness did to mark her
    territory for the night!” Great use of words. I totally adore this poem. I can read it a million times. Amazing!

    Sudha Yadav

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