Tales of prince charming



Spring takes over, wintry winds retreats slow and nice, 

You're a box full of warmth, if I manifest ice. 

Roads full of maples, some rusty, some yellowed 

This restless heart of mine, desires to be mellowed. 

The spring dances and sings overjoyed with colours, 

Like a leafless fear stricken tree, I had lost my valour. 

Tripping and falling, I was walking on the maple covered ground,

Unaware of the kingdom you were making for your queen to be crowned. 

Feared looking back, 

Apprehended an attack, 

Right there on the left corner of my chest. 

Faced my fear, at thy behest. 

Oh what a delight my eyes caught 

A stranger came out of wonders' lot. 

Then what I saw, felt like an utter dream, 

Took me by the arm, to a strange door so gleam. 

Past the door was the kingdom he made, 

Unicorn feeding on rainbow like grass, walls covered with candy and chocolate. 

Past the meadows there I saw a stream, to my surprise, it was carrying cocoa cream. 

Trees beared candies here, 

Which I conspicuously decided not to share(if I got) 

The stranger was the prince, in search of his princess. 

Pulled me closer, kissed me slow 

So freaked I was, still my face was aglow. 

I moved forward to kiss him again and the dream broke down to reality. 

Found myself in the arms of that Stranger, not a stranger any more 

The rustling of newly formed leaves seemed approving the union we made. 

Spring was beautiful now, maples seemed to glow 

No more I feared of ice, wanted to melt like snow

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