you: a summer memory

Shriya Bhardwaj

i remember that summer
it's a faint yet vivid memory
sunshine wrapped itself in your hair
the amber of the sun brought out the hazel in your eyes
you brushed your thumb on my cheek like you always did
delicate, like a dandelion
you intertwined your fingers into mine like you always did
intricate, like a honeycomb
you held onto me a bit too tight
the bees stung us
leaving no nectar but only tender crimson wounds
i remember the summer that followed
it's a vivid yet faint memory
sunshine fell on my toes, i didn't wiggle them like i used to
the amber of the sun brought out the paleness in my body
i wiped the tears off my cheeks
they burned, like an itch
i drew a familiar face as yours on a torn off ivory paper
reminding me, of you
i stuck it on my refrigerator with a dirty canary magnet
i know this summer
as sunshine fell on the last piece of you i had
i remembered you vividly for a moment
but you were faint.


  • Almost felt unfair to watch it come to an end.

    Mukul Jindal
  • Love makes us do .

    Anuranjani Bhardwaj

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