Sweet Little Feeling

Prakshi Mathur

Sweet Little Feeling
Somewhere between d blurred lines 
A ray of hope slightly shines
Like the sunshine on a foggy day
In that field where nothing lies
Wherein Life, like the autumn leaf dries
Stupefied! I feel the love in open air 
Your loving gaze, kindness and care 
Remembering all the pain of the past
This heart, doubtful of deceit
Having faced the music , scared to repeat 
And then I see your smiling face
Your sweet loving ways
Your mesmerizing touch
Your cute comebacks
All of my doubt looses tracks
Henceforth, the heart takes the driving seat


  • Beautifully written…just loved it. :)
    Keep it up????

    Dyuti Ghuliani
  • Nicely written.. anybody can easily co-relate.. keep it up..

  • Too naive. Too hopeful. Too amateurish use of metaphors. Maybe you read too much Mills and Boons. Use ‘the’ instead of ‘d’. Also heartbreak is one of the easiest topics to write on which is why the pseudo poets community is jolly hopping day by day. Clubbing together random fancy phrases isn’t poetry. Proofread better next time;
    Also I don’t know you but I love poems and am somewhat of a writer too and you asked for an honest review in the group. You’re welcome.

  • Too good! Keep up the good work.

    Eva Anand
  • Amazingly wonderful.. Something what everyone feels about someone once. Keep the good work going. ❤️❤️

    Sayali sawant
  • Bravo!
    Absolutely amazing!
    Lots of love! ❤❤
    Uncle shree! ❤❤❤

    Shree Khebde

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