Swadesi Hyprocrisy


By Sudarshan Kumar


I wince at sight of the walls drenched in urine,
The pungent odour could make the strongest of men vomit. 
I lament at the decadence of the country's people,
Yet I chew paan and on the same walls, I spit.
Mounds of garbage pile up in dump-yards,
homes to diseases, rats and poor ragpickers alike.
I loathe the successive governments I elected for being so irresponsible,
as I throw my polythene bags on the street because a dustbin wasn't in sight.
The roads are clogged and so are our blood vessels,
the riders are reckless and the traffic is incomprehensibly unbearable.
If only the government took a small step to bring some relief to us,
I ponder upon the situation in solitude as I commute to work in my four-wheeler. 
I cringe at the sight of these girls so characterless,
wearing clothes so scanty and smoking in plain view.
I love my country too much to see you desecrate its traditions,
Just wait to get to the USA to do all this like me, will you?
But these whites; they discriminate against me a lot,
Are my skin colour and religion the only tools they use to gauge me?
But at least they don't lynch us as often as we lynch African students or other minorities,
Alas! Will the irony of my contrasting thoughts and actions ever dawn upon me? 
Plenty of problems plague us persistently and I swear,
that out of farmers, soldiers and labourers; I'm the one who's pained the most!
And I'll seek for solutions outside but never look within you see,
because that's the most Indian thing about me.
This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Indianness'

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  • Loved the brutality in expressing yourself

    keep writing dost

    vaibhav rikhari

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