Zoya Bhargava

“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." -John Lennon

Clear as a crystal-
The path of life.

One is born to live
And for that
They must survive.

It isn’t easy
Here I am, taking pride.

In my triumph
Of pioneering the average
Trajectory that has, for the average been devised.

“Don’t let them
Beat you.
You’ve got to put up a fight.”

For that one must
Overlook hurdles
And not be blinded by the light.

The light of eyes;
Ones that follow you
While you’re busy being right.

For if right
Is not what you are
Then you’re not legitimate to the uptight.

Conform, conform all the way
Till you reach
Your future- bright.

For life is to be lived
And for that
One must- most definitely- survive.

And when (if)
You do see
The outcomes of your choice-

Making a flow-chart
On the larger-than-life wall
That is of course white;

It will be far
From what you were told
By people who were right.

But to have it figured
Doesn’t help much,
It is a part of the plight.

Which is probably
What Lennon meant
By his definition of life.

But we would never know,
Would we?
For the words that are his
Have a ring
Encircling them.
A space
Inconceivable to the naked eyes.

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