Super Salesmen

By Virat Dodia

I want to be a super salesman,

I want people to buy things from me,

I never want to be refused,

What do I sell?

I sell happiness.

How much?

2 smiles only,

1 smile will be invested for my future business,

Other one will be passed on to sadness,

The world has enough of greed and negativity,

Sorrow and anger prevails the mankind,

Please come and buy my happiness,

It's cheap, convenient and the best you can ever have,

2 smiles only,


I want to be a super-salesman

No one today is ready to share

I want to be the one who would really care,

I want the power to buy all the sadness,

And to sell just happiness,

I want to be the best salesman in the world,

A smile is all I ask for,

Do you have it ? Can you you give it to me?

Just move a few degrees with your lips, make a cute curve upwards, there it is,

Do it again, did I sell it to you?

You can be my business partner too,

Just grab some superpower and a super cool smile,

Let make the world happy together....


Shall we begin?

I sell happiness,

Its cheap, convenient and the best you can ever have,

2 smiles only.

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'My Superpower'

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  • Simply mind blowing.


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