Summer love

By Shriya Upadhyay


I was holding someone’s hand, on that summer day

Tagging along the shadows of huge buildings and walking over the ghost-quite roads melting under the sun

I remember, perpetually being drawn to two sounds

One being the melody of the bugs and the other the bell jingling at the road-side ice-cream parlor

I pointed for him to see, the little cart decorated with beautiful shades of summer

And we ate our ice-creams, holding each others hands, heading to home

I quietly tugged these memories inside my back pocket without you noticing,

the same way as I would take the car keys and relax myself putting the A.C. on to four,

washing me away with its cool air streams and freezing the sweat drenching my hair

I still remember those summers, those traditions that we always looked forward to

It was like any other festival and I would wait for them every year

Those ice-creams, those morning strolls, those summer offs, those beach visits and those late night baths

I am still waiting for them

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Indian Summer' 


  • Wonderful

    Amit Kumar Singh
  • It’s just wow Shriya
    Loved it

  • Unbelievable

  • Wow ❤️

    Nehaa kaira
  • Ac in the car line is so relatable, nicely written.

    Riya Patel
  • This is beautiful.

  • Lovely! The descriptions are beautiful.

    Ahana Roy
  • Nostalgic as well as soothing to read.

    Anushua Aich

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