Storms and Kisses

Dhwani Ashwin Bhinde

I sat under the sky like a empty soul,
You came and swamped my heart like wind,
Not the kind that destroys things,
But the one that sweeps gently across my face and caresses every inch of me in it's arms,
You came like a sunshine that warms up my heart and brightens gloomy days,
You quenched my soul with the warmth of your soft kisses,
And under the moon lit sky you caressed me till I fell asleep,
You calmed my storms,
Whirlwind of emotions that was my soul,
And filled it with your light.


  • ?Beautiful lovable ❤️

  • Soft as first love

    Jyoti Thatte
  • It’s awesome ♥️?

    Sonia Sethi

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