By Shagun Agarwal

Out of all of the times
I tried to stitch up
the hole in my heart,
you were the only one
that could
stop it from bleeding,
There were some
who struggled to heal it,
but they barely
There were some
who didn't fit
no matter how much I tried.
There were some
who stitched it up so tight,
that my rhythmic contractions
were completely out of sight;
starting to come undone
even before
the healing had begun.

I thought I'd found my remedy
That one
magic spell
that could
fix my bleeding heart
save me
from being ripped apart.

I had nothing to worry about
As you fit my hole with such perfection
It seemed as if you'd been a part of my heart
ever since the beginning,
But little did I know;
that you'd start spreading your poison
deep into my veins
I thought this was what it felt like
To have a heart without a hole
To have a heart
that was whole.
Little did I know
that the black had seeped in so deep
that id never be able to let it go
that I'd changed colour from a blood red
to screeching violet.

Pain felt like pleasure to me
for I'd never know what it feels like
to be a single whole.
When you realised you had another heart to fix
You broke free from my embrace
and tore apart the fibres
of my heart
that I had somehow
managed to grow,
over my damaged
and now beating soul.
When you pulled yourself away from me
You left me raw and sore
What I thought was now healed
was back to how it was before.

You were the only stitch that
Did not dissolve
You were the only stitch
I had forgotten to pull.
With you pulling my heart together
I felt partially complete
With you keeping me sane
I needed you there
Even though
I needed you gone.
You killed me
Yet you saved me,
but I still wonder
how you managed
to do both
at once?


  • Its really good..

    Himantika Mann
  • Aaah, resonates with me so much!

    Ann Joy
  • Beautiful!♥️

    Chhavi Dave

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