Darshan Das

Never had a stepmother,
but I do feel like a stepchild;
when a region goes off the radar,
I feel like a foreigner in exile.
Never had trouble facing cultures,
but had trouble breaking stereotypes;
even though we bleed the same colour,
even though we share the same genotype.
Even elephants are drowning,
rivers as demons, eating our lands away;
but the way media neglects us is astounding,
all of it seems like a deliberate horseplay.
They hold fancy shows with celebrities,
outcry over the death of an elephant;
for the sake of TRPs, they neglect integrity,
maybe problems of the region
do not appear too elegant.
Dehing Patkai is left with tree stumps,
Baghjan is still burning;
the irony and anger gives me goosebumps,
aren't these issues concerning?
Maybe India still defines patriarchy,
for it has forgotten the seven sisters;
for these runs deep in the heirarchy,
media cuts off India beyond Bengal like scissors.

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