By Gurpreet Kumar


I am the sorcerer  

Casting ancient spells of dragon transmutation.

Fire from the tongue, 

Let the fierce flames of poetry spill. 


Lightning fingers, I hypnotise,

go through your eye.

Let my words swirl in the mind,

Words that can bring the dead back alive.


I can change the seasons there.

Birth never-ending showers that give rise to salty rivers 

if you dare to absorb my magic.

I can cast shadows that will paint you black 


Or chant frozen hyms, that can freeze time,

turn your skin into that of a goose.

Make your hair stand on edge,

Eager to watch my spectacular show.


I fuse reality and illusion,

Diffuse into many ears, I have the ability to fly.

Infuse with the psyche, I come by,

Blow a kiss of hope or summon whirlwinds of fear and doubt. 


I have the power of invisibility, massless yet can change ones entire life in and out. This is the power of words.

This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'My Superpower'


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