Somewhere I Belong

By Sakshi Kaul

Clever of you,
to see this in me,
but baby i am different,
hard to love,
stay away,
try not to cross the walls,
for it will only hurt you,
no matter what !
I have been lone till now,
keeping the control all along,
diving into the depths,
searching for something,
maybe just a chance to fill the voids !
Being strong is what i hold on to,
that is what i have endured this long !
Least do i know,
love can break strongest of the walls,
and make you feel vulnerable,
even though you have it all !


  • Waah ldki mast!!???

  • This is really amazing Sakshi.. The feelings you have managed to put into words says it all!! :)

    Isha Modgil
  • Amazinggg di ?

    Vinayak Panwar
  • Wow beta! keep it up!

    Ravi Bhat
  • Beautifully Explained❤

    Pooja Bhat
  • Awesome my dear feels great being a tiny part of it?

  • Awsome thoughts of yours reflecting in this poem.. keep it up…

    Swati Virmani
  • Amazing ??

  • Kya baat h doeramon….!!!

  • Excellent…expecting many more…. Every gud beignings have good ending hope it will NVR end…. Waiting for many more…. Good luck…

  • Love surely makes u vulnerable.
    Kudos….keep it up. Expecting many more such poems from u

  • Awesome dear.. This is just the beginning.. ?

  • Awesome dear.. This is just the beginning.. ?

  • Thank you :)

    Sakshi Kaul
  • Bravo.


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