Someone special

Priyal  Narang


Everyone should have someone special in their life,
with whom they can share all their secrets without any fright.
It could be a friend or a family member,
with whom you can share your worries and laughter!

At the time of distress,
everyone needs a place to rest.
Where you can lay down all your worries and fear,
and where laughter takes the place of your tears.

Whenever we are happy,
We want to celebrate,
And the best way is to share it
with someone you consider worthy.

So we need someone to share our feelings.
Someone who can be a good companion.
Because when we share our thoughts,
it lessens our burden,
and doubles our happiness.

Because life is a big journey.
We need someone to accompany,
to keep us motivated and focused,
and not sad and bored!




  • Written very apt. In this fast running scenario people have become more selfish and they think only in materialistic way. The poem makes us to think and bring back the sentiments among us to keep the real relation alive !
    Wonderful !!

  • Keep it up, dear Priyal!

    Kiran Kapoor

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