Some Myths are meant to be broken

Tulika Trivedi

So much for believing in spiritual stuff and pretty much every myth I know.
Not going to lie. I do follow many of them
1. Fix the slipper when its faced down
2. Don’t cross the road when a black cat walk by.
3. Don’t keep an empty photo frame

But what are myths?
Myth is a folklore genre consisting of narratives or stories that play a fundamental role in a society, such as foundational tales or origin myths. - Thank you google.

But the myth I’m talking about is
"Online dating"
It says people don’t find a partner using online dating apps.
Is it true or just another mentality because people surely are active for one-night stands and a "hook-up" so then why not for true love? Why can’t we find our prince charming in the modern world through apps? I mean if a princess found her prince by kissing a frog, I would rather just sign up on some dating app.

We got #Bumble, #Tinder, #Grindr, #Hinge and obviously many more.
Everyone at the end of the day wants to find their Confidante.
But then why hide that with
(only here for hook-ups), (nothing serious)
I agree everyone has their personal space to make their own decisions. But the sole purpose, I think of providing these apps to the world, is to connect. So how a person uses a connection is totally up to them.

This is about a man who loves a man because, why not!

He always wanted to meet the man of his dreams. He remembers putting himself to sleep dreaming about a man who is funny, weird, focussed and all the good stuff.
That’s when it happened and sure it wasn’t a lie.
It felt like any other dream a girl has had which is not so surprising because he had them too.
It wasn’t any different, but he just dreamt it better.
Or should I just say swiping was in their favour that day.

This isn’t about 2 people who meet in a club talk all night and happen to fall in love. It’s about a virtual dating platform where the other person may or may not be real and all depends on their profile pictures, an eye catchy bio and some good-looking pictures.
And so, happened they swiped and *IT'S A MATCH*
He had been on dating apps for a while now. Status- single (obviously)
All the check boxes were the true reality checks. As they say
'Been there done that'
Ex-boyfriend problems
Emotional drama
Crying and regrets
The feeling when you remember all the life crap to regret better.
Smiling to guys in clubs
Getting drunk with your best friends just to weep later and this would just go on.

So, he was always the person who loved Bollywood and believed in true love and maybe that really played with his mind. Hence, he always expected an 'Aisha' movie ending where everything is pretty and rich.
Or maybe,
'Break ke Baad' kind of love. Sweet, simple and pure.

But well he had to convince himself really hard because his life had been just the opposite.
We got work, we got taxes, we got luxury, our rents.
And also go through stuffy metros, autos and obviously eat the best kind of junk food always.
But some feelings never get passed even though you don’t know how it would feel like.
He didn’t know what love feels like.
But also, always wanted that feeling.
Having also been through some shitty ass relationships in the past might just turn out to be a teaser in your existence.
To train you better for someone actually worth it.

So, after hours of swiping, talking and interacting with people he felt poorly disappointed of dating apps
And surely many don’t like to hear.
"Why are you even looking for serious stuff when it’s just better to hook-up"
And being a part of the community, it became harder for him to extract his love. It kept wriggling out each day.
After being given surety that finding the 'one' might take some time or maybe longer. He became determined of the fact that he will find someone from here and he will prove to himself that these apps can also be used rationally.

What are the odds? 2020 was facing Covid, earthquakes, cyclones.

And here his love life decided to wake up after years and find the one.
Sometime this year. They swiped each other online and here they are today almost months down already out with their fights, stubborn acts, extra love and lots of pamper.
This guy with a royal name with cute smile and really honest heart. Felt completely unreal.
And knowing that he was on the verge of deleting the app because maybe him not finding his guy online was proving to be right somewhere. But the best happens when you least expect it right?

Scared to love? He asked
Yes, I guess
Takes time you know.
Don’t really know what love feels like He said
Don’t trust online dating he also said
He laughed
And said he can change that for good.
Just Believe.

He gave him an assurance because he knew it was meant to be when they had their first ever beautiful conversation over the chat box, which slowly changed to the phone call and went for hours to remember.
The slight hesitation and yet the good feeling they got while they talked about random things and those days haven’t changed but rather just become stronger and more real.
The day they decided to meet was when the infection had slightly spread across, but people were still scared to be exposed but somehow they decided to believe in what they had and moved on with that together. (Taking precautions yes!)

Creating each day to be painless, supportive and understanding every feeling felt real and they were the best thing that happened to each other.
The very first awkward proposal they experienced and all the ways they pampered each other while they stood by one another.

Today and every day that they are proud of each other but also wonder if there are people out there still searching because they know it happens, might take time, might be painful but it will happen cause they knew that when they happened to each other, every day is what they cry and cherish about, because the respect increases each day in the eye and heart.
That’s what god prepared them for all this time. To be the best kind of yourself with honesty, love, purity, transparency and maturity just for one another.

Love is pure
Love is also real
Does not need a gender just a feeling without fear.
Believe in it and you will know
Love is not just a word but can also be a big deal.
There are no barriers for love.
And no gender for sure.
One heart to another that's how it goes.
Break the stereotype and move ahead
Because love wins and there is no war ever to fear.

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