Silver Melting Dew

By Tanvi Nagar

From the petals of a blossoming rose, you came into my life like silver melting dew,
You were the one to fill the bleeding wounds of my heart, it was you,
You were the one who pieced my broken heart together,
You filled calmness in my life through the roughest of weather,
I sought comfort in your soothing scent,
You were my only decision upon which I didn’t relent,
You completed me, like a puzzle, you fitted into me just right,
You stood like a solid rock, strong by my side,
As soon as I got used to your rhythm, breaking the monotony of each day,
Like the dew drops, from the morning rose you started fading away,
One moment with me, next you were gone, 
My heart felt excruciating pain, for you I pleaded and longed,
Even if you faded from my life like the silver melting dew,
My heart will always be yours and so, Valentine, I dedicate this special day to you.


  • Thanks Sam!!

    Tanvi Nagar
  • Adorable

    Sam Quereshi
  • How melodic and nice

  • Beautiful poem

    Rajat Gupta
  • Nice poem Tanvi Nagar

  • very well said…

  • Beautifully written…


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