Silent Lover

By Vishu Mishra

Through my open window I look,
Reminiscence of past, nostalgia overtook.
I then surrender, overflowing this Ink.
This feeling that binds me, I shiver off.
I melt through pages, I stirred.

With years and years passing by, I regret.
It burns inside, somewhere deep within me.
Search and search, I tire.
Phrases by phrases, with poetic satires.
I write it,  yet no more I desire.

Silently a drop,  a tear atmost .
And a heated breathe choke.
Trying and trying, I breathe.
But now no more.
My trying times, my wisdom provokes.

Most ordinary pen and a leather cover,
I express to these pages like a silent lover.
Some merrily recite, some silently read.
Yet no one points, the mistakes I repeat.

I shall play with words, I am a word mincer.
& I do, &  I do, I restrain & repeat.
This skill burdens me, I write.
Subconscience murders me, I tried.
Satisfied, I compensate.
Unspoken words, what should have been said.
Repulsively,  I dictate.
Then I murder it, I mistake.

Every dream, coffins away the time.
I object, I deny, I rhyme.
Poet's a fool, captures time.
Expressed on paper, a fool's bring.
These figure of speeches, yet look so fine.

My ability to courage, I sin.
Shall portray an iceberg, it's so cold.
Papers beneath my leather cover, untold.
And I sit beside my learning tree,
Another fool alike, shall un-breathe,
Make me free.

Sitting beside my open window.
I see, I hear, I feel, I breathe.
Unspoken should have spoken words,
Timely now, untimely be.
They recite &  recite,
That I must write free.

Scared of this thought, I decided to leave. 
These silent walls mock me,
I unlock the door, I begin away to walk me.
This open window shivers me.

I shall cowardice with my leather cover.
I am fool, awaiting a fool.
A silent lover.

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