She is Home

By The Dawn Writer

Untouched was She,
Forsaken on a creaky old board
Her embers flamed through the dust
Memories sedimented through time
The strokes of Red still time.
As daunting as her prowess
Entwining the lines, She ruffled
Her snarls as Scarlett as the storm
Disguising Her calm thunder:
Erring Her Cerulean Ocean was always a fool's work
For Her warmth never made her a petite
But under all the layers lay the first stroke
Ever drawn, the devil's work
For only the brave ever dare
To toufle those Starless moves
For Her darkest pillars
Are still in awe for the stars
No matter: the rain always soothes her in the night,
For the dawn is fresh
The whiff of the canvas colouring the air
Her fragrance not just raw
But covered with masterful strokes
And there she lay untouched 
Mighty and Proud.
Cause She is Home;
No longer a destitute in search...


  • ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Great work

  • @Akansha Chawla thank you☺️

    Sheeba devi
  • I absolutely love your writing style, it’s exceptionally beautiful.

    Akanksha Chawla

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