Arjitha. B

There was an unsettling feeling in my stomach,
It didn't propel me to pace around the hallway
But it did compel me to pay attention to it every now and then;
I checked my phone constantly to make sure,
To make sure I don't miss that text from you,
I felt like a 'love-struck' teenager!
I knew it was your interview,
There was nothing much I could do than support her and hope for the best.
But I also knew how important it was for you,
I could envision your clumsy dance on realising your dream,
I was sure that you would scream joyous notes of success
And blabber happily to your heart's content.
That was the thing about you,
Every emotion you felt would translate into sonnets you  had to sing!
I found my calmness in your constant chatter,
I beamed through your ballads
And oblivious to myself,
I yearned for your reassuring renditions,
You were the storm that calmed me down.
I wasn't worried about your interview, I was rooting for your happiness.
It was then that it dawned upon me,
Maybe I was falling in love...
I had always liked you ,
But suddenly I found the line between the two emotions blurring
And I wasn't sure which side of the line I stood on!
There was no dramatic revelation,
No violins jarring in harmony,
No lightless feeling elevating me from the ground.
It didn't seem like a momentous affair,
I was a little jittery
But I didn't have cold feet,
The last thing on my mind was to run away,
My filmy instinct screamed out 'traitor'
When I realised that maybe I had fallen in love,
Without the drama.
That's the beauty of it,
That's what reassures me of you,
Something as celebrated as falling in love
Was seamless with her.
You beautifully belittled the complexity of the matter
By just caressing me with your warm smile and understanding hug.
I found my haven in you.

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