Self identification

Shefali Joshi

Sometimes to realise the true worth of ourselves, we need to stop all the things which which stop us from doing so. And most surprisingly, we, ourselves are the biggest reason for that. Yes! We focus so much on all those things which we lack, which we couldn't accomplish, which we always remain ungrateful for. But why? Why can't we be happy and grateful for all those things which we have, which we often ignore but many out there are struggling for the same, which we never asked but got anyway.

It's because we train our mind that way. It may be knowingly or unknowingly. It could be some outer influence like our friends, parents, colleagues, siblings or anyone. And sometimes, it's just us. To be our own critic is good to an extent, but for considering ourselves as a failure based on those is a stupidity. The world is full of such people to make us feel that way, difference lies in how we choose to respond to that.

While focusing or thinking about the things that we are lacking, why can't we just take a pause for 5 seconds and ask ourselves- What difference does it make if I don't have it today? I can work for it and can make it happen. Why can't I just appreciate what I have right now? Why do I have to look myself as a failure? Why should I postpone my happiness for a thing, a feeling or a person? This is the real me, who never gives up, who is grateful for everything I have, who will make things happen, and most of all who is never tired of being myself!

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