By Vanshita Verma



These scars aren't beautiful

They aren't anything pretty

You don't look at them and think

That they are an essence of beauty 

They aren't 

You are wrong they aren't pretty.


They tell tales

And they speak to me

They aren't beautiful

They are ugly

My body is covered with marks

And they are not pretty 

They show me what I've been through

Show me what I've survived through

Tell me everyday

That I'm a survivor 

Not a damsel in distress

Who needs to be pretty

So that a prince could rescue me. 


These scars are not meant to be beautiful 

Your false consolations

And lies aren't meant to be told to me

You can't fool me

These scars are meant to be horrific and terrible

They sing to me these songs of warriors 

They tell me everyday

Of my bravery 

And how I survive through.


This poem won in Instagram Weekly Contest held by @delhipoetryslam on the theme 'Trauma' 


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  • Well explained through your words how others describe the scars and how you feel them on yourself. And the last line❤️

    Taruni Bajaj

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